Velvet Scoter and more!

Yesterday I went for a 8 mile circular walk round East Ruston and Honing with some friends. The walk started off through a marshy area. Then after going over a bridge and a friend said he saw a swan with a yellow beak fly further up the canal. Then, at a split in the canal I spotted the reported swan. It was a Bewick’s Swan and it was showing well for a few minutes before flying off. It was definitely a lot closer than the ones at Ludham! After a walk through a small woods I saw a few Cormorants fly over then another bird that looked blacker than the rest. I then realised it was a scoter and then I noticed it was bigger than a Common Scoter and it had big white patches on it’s wingtips, making it a Velvet Scoter!!! My first and I found it myself!!!

We then walked through more woods, seeing a nice pair of Marsh Tit. After that, we kept going along the path we went on Weaver’s Way. We then went through more woodland, over some field and a Hare popped out of a bush really close to me (my second Hare that day as I saw a distant one earlier). We then went through some more fields with the hedgerows providing a few Goldcrests, Chaffinches and more. Then, we walked along a road towards East Ruston. Beside the road we found a noisy flock of Chaffinch. A quick scan also revealed 10+ Brambling and a few Siskin as well. When we got to East Ruston we went through a passageway with a noisy flock of something but I didn’t want to stop the group so I kept going. Next, we went through some more fields (bit of a theme now) and another flock of small birds flew over. Next, a few Skylarks singing kept me going through the mud. Finally, we had to rush to the car park before it closed!

Overall, it was a fantastic day and with only 2 other walkers seen the area really is a hidden gem!


Sorry About The Lack Of Posts

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. There hasn’t been much happening though but here is a little update. I’ve seen a Grey Wagtail in a muddy puddle at work, a Rock Pipit at Stiffkey, a Great Spotted Woodpecker from window at home and I have tracked down the local Chaffinch flock which is more or less in the same location as the last years. However, the Chaffinches haven’t been close enough to the track to pick out any Bramblings yet.

Stonechat and more

Just found out that a Stonechat (might be a pair but I only saw a male) are wintering in my village. Nice to see such nice birds on my patch in an average village in the middle of the Norfolk countryside. Also saw a flock of about 100 Chaffinches (might of been a Brambling or two but the flock was too far away to see well), a Goldcrest and good views of Blue, Great and Coal Tits.