Velvet Scoter and more!

Yesterday I went for a 8 mile circular walk round East Ruston and Honing with some friends. The walk started off through a marshy area. Then after going over a bridge and a friend said he saw a swan with a yellow beak fly further up the canal. Then, at a split in the canal I spotted the reported swan. It was a Bewick’s Swan and it was showing well for a few minutes before flying off. It was definitely a lot closer than the ones at Ludham! After a walk through a small woods I saw a few Cormorants fly over then another bird that looked blacker than the rest. I then realised it was a scoter and then I noticed it was bigger than a Common Scoter and it had big white patches on it’s wingtips, making it a Velvet Scoter!!! My first and I found it myself!!!

We then walked through more woods, seeing a nice pair of Marsh Tit. After that, we kept going along the path we went on Weaver’s Way. We then went through more woodland, over some field and a Hare popped out of a bush really close to me (my second Hare that day as I saw a distant one earlier). We then went through some more fields with the hedgerows providing a few Goldcrests, Chaffinches and more. Then, we walked along a road towards East Ruston. Beside the road we found a noisy flock of Chaffinch. A quick scan also revealed 10+ Brambling and a few Siskin as well. When we got to East Ruston we went through a passageway with a noisy flock of something but I didn’t want to stop the group so I kept going. Next, we went through some more fields (bit of a theme now) and another flock of small birds flew over. Next, a few Skylarks singing kept me going through the mud. Finally, we had to rush to the car park before it closed!

Overall, it was a fantastic day and with only 2 other walkers seen the area really is a hidden gem!


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